Live Tweeting Project


For the live tweet assignment, the goal was to live tweet an interesting event in a fun and professional way on Twitter. For my event, I chose to do one of the open house tours for The Bishop’s House in Boise, ID. Every winter, The Bishop’s House has 4 four to six open houses. The house is filled with all original and donated antiques. There are over twelve trees with all different themes. The Bishop’s House was moved from St. Luke’s hospital to further out of town. The city wanted the land and many people did not want the house to go, so they raised money for it to be moved and preserved. The Bishop’s House is where the bishop of the Catholic church in town would live. A bishop has not lived in the house for over 60 years no.I enjoyed learning the history of the house. The house is full of unusual

I enjoyed learning the history of the house. The house is full of unusual architecture from its Victorian Era building. As well as learning the history, I enjoyed reporting on what I was hearing and learning. Like the interview assignments, I felt professional and had a fun time. I enjoy social media so this was a fun assignment for me.

I quickly learned that it could be difficult to pay attention and still tweet in a professional, not quick manner. I was surprised how difficult it was for me to not get caught up in the tour and history and not tweet.

If I could go back and do the assignment, I would have gone into more detail in the tweets. I also would have tweeted more than just ten so that people would be a little more entertained and feel like there were actually at the event.

The future is in social media. Whichever career path I chose, I will be immersed in social and have to have knowledge of it. I would like to be a social media manager for a company, I would use Twitter often.


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