Final Video Project

For the video project, Jeremy, Acadia, and I reported on Crossfit v Weight Lifting/ Regular workouts. We interviewed two people, one who is very into Crossfit, Christa Munar and one that is a diligent weightlifter, Henry Jurkowski. We asked them which they preferred and why. They were also asked why each had its benefits and who would do best with each type. We wanted to report on the multiple aspects of working out and the different types. We interviewed Jurkowski at Half Acre Gym on the University of Wyoming campus and Munar at 7220 Crossfit in Laramie, WY.

I enjoyed the interview. Like the audio interview, I felt professional interviewing someone. I think it is fun to feel like a real reporter for a little bit. I enjoyed learning more about the interviewing, video recording, and video editing process. I did not enjoy the actually filming of the interview; I do not like the way my voice sounds recorded. Also, it was difficult to find a place that was quiet and that did not echo too much.

What surprised me was how easy it was to find people to interview; I thought this would be the most difficult part aside from editing. I wish we would have gotten a little more action on the B-roll but it was difficult because you’re not allowed to record in Half Acre Gym.

Before this class, I never thought about a career in journalism. I think it would be fun to do video journalism in the future. It is nice to have these skills for future endeavors. There might come a time in my life that I decide to become a media journalist or maybe just a multimedia professional, and I will need these skills. Interviewing skills are always a plus to have if you’re being interviewed or you’re the interviewer.


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