Anna McCorkmick – Edited Audio Profile


To begin with I am not a patient person at all. For this project, a lot of patience’s was required. Audacity was not a program that I had any familiarity with before this project, it took a while to get used to it. Editing audio is not as easy as one would think. Learning the program while also learning how to edit audio was difficult. Zooming in and finding just the right times to delete and then messing up and having to go back was quite frustrating.

I enjoyed conducting the interview like I mentioned in the raw audio blog. It is somewhat of a small adrenaline rush. While conducting the interview, I felt like a professional, and I really enjoyed it. What I didn’t enjoy about this project was editing the audio. Going into this project, I thought audio would be easy to edit, but it was much more difficult than I led myself on to believe.

It did surprise me how easy it was to upload the interview into Audacity and how easy it was to find and download Audacity onto my computer. What I was also surprised about was even though it was difficult to edit the audio; it wasn’t much work like I thought there was going to be. There was not much involved in editing the audio as far as work went, just patience’s.

Something I would have done differently was gotten help with this project. I wish I would’ve gotten more experience with the program so I could’ve added ambient noise or music, it would have made the interview sound better and more interesting. As far as the interview goes, I wish I ‘d asked Anna to response with more detail so you could follow along with interview without my audio in it. This is close to what I mentioned in the raw audio blog, that I would’ve better prepared Anna for the interview.




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