“Seeing Seattle”                              Cai Yung, Kiew Yung, and Mei Chul take a stroll towards the Seattle Space Needle, and stop to admire the architecture of the Experience Music Project Museum on Nov. 1, 2016.

“Seeing Seattle” is the photo that I chose for my non-sports feature photo. While I was walking around Seattle, I walked past the Space Needle and saw the group of people. The sisters and their friend were visiting from China and wanted to check out some of Seattle’s most iconic spots. It was easy to get this shot because they were all so excited to see everything that they were seeing, so they were walking slowly. I was excited to photograph this event because it was refreshing to see people so genuinely excited about something. In the photo, I used framing and lighting as creative devices. The framing of the building and the darkness of the ground from the rain helped highlight the people in the photo.


“A Walk in the Park”  Cindy Scott, a dog owner, takes a walk through 92nd St Park with her dogs, Lilo and Stitch, in Mukiteo, WA, on Oct. 31, 2016.

While taking a walk through a park that my friends wanted to go to, I stumbled upon Cindy and her dogs. It was raining at the time so I was worried that the picture wasn’t going to turn out, but luckily it did. It was cold and humid in the forest, but the changing fall leaves helped brighten it up. This was a surprising easy shot to take even though she was far away and walking. I was excited to get a shot of Cindy walking her dogs because it is a normal activity that people do and I did not think it would turn out great. I used framing and contrast to capture this photo. The leaning trees and foliage help to frame the subject and the contrast of dark ground helped highlight Cindy in her white jacket and hat.


“Pike’s Place”     People at Pike’s Place Market, in Seattle, WA, fight through the crowds to get to their destination on Nov.1, 2016.

On the edge of Seattle lies Pike’s Place Market. While wondering around Pike’s Place I saw many photo opportunities, but not many of them turned out. It was difficult to get good photos because so many people were there and walking fast as well as the lighting. It was fun to shoot this event because I was able to see many different people and things. I chose this photo because even though there is not much going on in the center, on the outsides of the photo, lights and signs are everywhere. I love all the signs on the top that show the depth of the market. Depth and lighting were the creative devices I used while shooting this event.

“Game Day,” is the photograph that i chose for my sports photography. The University of Wyoming Cowgirls were playing a game against Montana State. This was the


“Game Day” Wyoming Cowgirls Basketball players engage in an intense game against Montana State on Nov. 11, 2016.

best picture that I was able to take of the game because it was busy and difficult to get close; this was the most difficult shot to get. I used the angle that I did as a creative device because it opened up the picture and showed the subjects. Another creative device that I used was framing, I used the framing of the bleachers, the contrast of colors with the white bright floor helped bring out the girls in red as well. I chose this photograph because it is a sports action picture and it turned out and wasn’t blurry. I thought that the photograph showed a lot of action.


In a q


“Play Date” Mother and daughter duo Leah and Carter Smith have a play date in the leafs on the last day of fall weather on Nov. 23, 2016.

uiet neighborhood in Casper, WY, mother and daughter Leah Smith and Carter Smith enjoy the last days of fall in the leafs. “Play Date,” was a fun photo shoot because I was just talking a walk and happened upon the two. I asked them if I could take a picture of them just going on with their day and they were more than happy to. I used the contrast of colors for this picture. The grass is extremely green next to the two girls and the leafs.  I also chose the lighting because the background is bright and makes the focus on the girls more than it would be without.


Since I was little, I have also had an interest in photography. I’ve always had an easy time talking pictures. This assignment was surprising in the fact that I had to go around and take the pictures rather than just in the moment. It was more difficult to set out and take pictures rather than just taking it when it comes out of the blue. I wish that I would have done more diverse angles for this assignment, I believe it would have made the pictures more interesting.


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