Creative Devices

Using Creative Devices in Photography


“Color on Fire” – A campfire in Medicine Bow National Forest burning wood that creates colors.

In “Color on Fire,” the dominate creative device used in cropping. Cropping helps draw attention to fire because the viewer is not able to see the entire campsite or firepit so the fire on its own sticks out. With the image not showing everything around it, it pleases the eye because the colorful fire becomes the focal point. The color is another creative device that captures the viewer’s attention. Compared to the dark rocks and wood, the actual flames coming up are colorful and draw attention.


“Cracked Up” – Cracks in the mud in east Laramie.

In “Cracked Up,” the dominate creative device used is texture. When I saw this it was so interesting to look at, it was appealing to the eyes. The texture also gives some depth to the picture which is another device used. If the ground was just plain and didn’t have the cracks, it would not grab the viewers attention.


“Changes” – Trees in east Laramie slowly changing color as the move into the fall season.

In “Changes,” light is the dominant creative device used. The way the light was hitting the trees as they are in the middle of changing colors is beautiful. It really draws the viewers attention to the trees on the left side. The rule of thirds can also be seen in this photo. The big trees on the left, the smaller ones in the middle, and the lonely tree on the very right, this is pleaseing to the eyes because it gives it a way to follow along the photograph.


“A Lost Wheel” – An old wheel sitting by the lake in Medicine Bow National Forest.

In “A Lost Wheel,”the dominate creative device used is the rule of thirds. On the bottom, there are the wildflowers and weeds, next is the lake with the wheel, and last on top is the peak with the clouds. Another device that can be seen in this photograph is the focus the camera is focused in on the flowers in front, this makes the eyes wander to find more things ‘hidden’ in the picture.


“Leaf Lighting” – Light shines through a tree on the University of Wyoming campus.

In “Leaf Lighting,” the dominate device used is the viewpoint. This photograph was taken from under a tree looking up. Most photographs of trees are straight on or from the side. This is appealing to the eyes because of it us a new way of looking at things. The shadow in the picture also helps because the leafs frame the center branch, giving the photograph a focal point.

I have always loved photography and find myself becoming better at it each day. While doing the assignment, I realized how much more difficult it is to go out and take pictures instead of just doing them at the moment. I’ve found that pictures I take out of the blue or in the moment are more appealing to the eye and have a better story to tell. The only thing that I wish I could have done differently is having more places to take the pictures. I went around town, but Laramie looks mostly the same all around. I would’ve liked to travel to Colorado.


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