News Media Diet

Growing up, all of the adults around me watched the news, I thought it was extremely boring and didn’t like it.  The older I became, I began to understand why the news is so important. The exact moment it “clicked” for me was on 9/11/2001. Not only was this my 7th birthday, but it was a terrorist attack on the United States.

When my mother dropped me off at school, I had no clue of what was happening.  Once class began, our teachers sat us all down and explained what had happened.  She would not have known this information if it had not been for the news.

Today I mostly use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for my news.  Even those these sites are mostly used for social media, such as uploading pictures, updating people about what is going on in your life, and keeping in touch with friends. I trust these sources because the media has really taken advantage of social media, so generally, most posts from news sources are credible. Entertainment such as the social media sites that I use for my news information can be informative because so many people are on these platforms that you can get many different views.

Every morning when I am waking up, I get on my phone and check all my news sources.  Facebook is my favorite of all my news sources.  I tend to find that Facebook is not very biased.  When you click on a subject on the Trending tab, it gives you many other sources to look at so that you’re able to get more than one viewpoint on the subject.  On Instagram and Twitter, I follow specific news sources such as Fox News, MSNBC, The Today Show, and 9 News.

When I find a piece of news that I am interested in I talk to my roommates about it.  Generally, there is usually one or more pieces of news that catch my eye and I discuss with those around me. When we talk about the news we generally talk about different information we have heard about the subject. My house is full of people with similar opinions so most of the time we do agree.

I would like to look at the news more throughout the day.  I generally look at the news in the morning and at night, but rarely throughout the day.  Also, I would like to look at a wider array of news sources.


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